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Matrimonial and Family Law.​ Not all matrimonial actions can be resolved amicably. In addition to handling uncontested divorces we have a reputation to negotiate and litigate a full range of matrimonial and family law issues, including equitable distribution, custody and parenting time, division of pension benfits, preparation of qualified domestic relations order, premarital marital, separation and other agreements. We also handle enforcement matters pertaining to these agreements. 

In addition to these services we offer a wide range of referral services to competent attorneys. 

Trusts and Estates. It is a stressful time when a loved one passes. Proper estate planning tools can help your loved ones get through this trying time. Proper estate planning tools can also ensure the protection of your assets and in some cases can help avoid estate or death taxes that take away from your family's inheritance. They can also aid in providing for loved ones with special needs, or help an elderly family member qualify for government benefits. Most importantly, estate planning tools make certain your wishes for passing down assets to a loved one are granted. Whether you need our services for Probate or Administration after the death of a loved one or require a Will, Health Care Proxy, Living Will, Power of Attorney or a Trust we can assist you with the right Estate planning tools to ensure you needs are met and wishes fulfilled. 

Residential and Commercial Real Estate. In addition to drafting and negotiating residential and commercial leases, we represent purchasers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate rangiing from cooperative apartments, condominiums, residenital properties, multiple dwellings, to commercial properties. We also represent residential and commercial landlords in all types of housing court litigation. 

Commercial Transactions and Litigation. ​ We represent a wide range of individuals and businesses who rely on our experience to represent them in all types of transactions from buying and selling a business to forming a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC). We have extensive expreience in all stages of litigation. Ranging from real property disputes, breach of contract actions, fraudulent conveyance actions, partition action and many other matters that simply put must be litigated to obtain the desired resuls. We are ready to litigate if the need arises.   

Criminal Defense. When you or a loved one is charged with a crime it is a traumatic experience. We can help you with our experience and knowledge. We are attorneys you can trust. We will be by your side at all stages of your case. You need an attorney who will be there when you call and who will be in court to represent you all the way through the process and who will take your case to trial, if necessary. Your attorney needs to be someone who will be there for you, even after the case is over. Some attorneys make the error of claiming that the crime you are charged with is minor crime and there is nothing to worry about. To us it is never a minor thing when someone is charged with a crime. 

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